At The Lotus Casino, we want to do everything possible to help you host a spectacular event for your business, family celebration, or a get-together with family and friends. We can accommodate large groups with incredible finesse.

We understand that parties are relatively large undertakings. That’s why we will do everything to make your event a success. Dinner at our restaurant, a wonderful Lotus Casino bar experience, and fun & games at our cardroom — what more could you ask for when it comes to an exciting event?

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Pai Gow Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

Seeded at $5,000 and as of July 10th the jackpot is currently at $33,600!!
Qualifying hands: A pair in the front with an Ace High Flush in the back beaten by a larger pair and higher flush or better in the back.
Payout: Bad Beat gets 40%, Winning hand gets 20%, Table share 40%.

Paigow Poker Bonus Hands

Qualifying Hands: Seven Cards 10 high, with no straights, flushes, pairs or Joker – Received $100 Cash.
Seven Cards 9 high, with no straights, flushes, pairs or joker – Received $200 cash

(GEGA – 003492)

Tiles Bad Beat

Currently is at $20,700
Qualifying Hands – Pair in front and Pair in back beaten by Higher Pair in front and Higher Pair in back.
Payout: Bad Beat gets 40%, Winning get 20% and Table share 40%

Tiles Bonus Hands

Qualifying hands:
Four – 4s, 6s, 7s, 8s – Seed $200, Cap $1,000
Pair – Teen, Gee Joon – Seed $1,000, Cap $5,000
Pair – Teen, Dey – Seed $500, Cap $2,500

(GEGA – 003493)

Food Rewards

Play for 2 hours and enjoy a meal on us!  Our menu features a selection of our player’s favorite menu items. 24/7 – All day, every day!

(GEGA # 002790, 002795, 002788)